Planning update

alt Cycle hub

South West Trains have planning permission for cycle storage on the station road side of the station, which would tidy up the current location and hopefully stop people dumping rubbish there but leaves a lot of unanswered questions for neighbouring residents around light, noise and security.

alt Côte proposed front

Côte had an application to encase the front of the restaurant in glass refused for, amongst other things, the loss of a prominent feature of the building with it being in the conservation area.

Côte are currently appealing this decision, with some changes to the design.

Work continues on the Sainsburys Local at the other end of the high street, with an additional planning application to widen the vehicle access at the back, add sliding doors and an ATM currently in progress.

alt Stanley Road martial arts centre

Work has started on a woodland play area on the outer fringes of Teddington - Fulwell really - at the top of Stanley Road, which is also replacing the old TA centre with a martial arts centre.


The Controlled Parking Zone consultation, after not meeting the high threshold to go ahead last year will be back. Much like all the workers cars that flock to the roads during the day it seems there's always room for another consultation. The focus this time will be on north Teddington after a number of petitions from residents of those roads, no date has been set yet.


The will they won't they Crossrail 2 consultation has ended, with views on stopping most trains at Kingston/Hampton Wick being the main concerns from the responses. No one is really sure how exactly they would squeeze a siding between Hampton Wick and Teddington. The proposed route has also been changed to only continue to Shepperton and no longer also to Twickenham. Although it won't be until nearer 2033 until anything starts running.

A little bit sooner than that, TfL plan to take over South West Trains suburban lines when their current contract's break clause comes up in 2019, this will mean 80% of routes will have at least 4 trains an hour - although this is only a plan at the moment it's hard to see any reason for the takeover not to happen.